Welcome to the Doll Den

Tank production February 2017

Devised by the ensemble, Directed by Sarah Plotkin  

Emsemble : Evelyn Dumont, Emily Johnson-Erday, Elena Kritter, Lizzy Ana Lincoln, Leah Ogawa, Alana Thomas, Rev. Yolanda

"In Memphis, Tennessee we meet the first all-girl radio station, WGAL.  It’s 1955 and the "Jockettes" are making radio for women from their studio, the Doll Den. But as time marches forward the shtick gets old and the women want more.  What happens when an all-women's station is so good men start listening?  Inspired by real events, Welcome to the Doll Den tells a story about masks, identity, and the cost of success."

-from http://electric-eye-ensemble.com/welcome-to-the-doll-den/

Creative and Production Team:

Director: Sarah Plotkin

Rehearsal Stage Manager: Clarissa Marie Ligon

Production Stage Manager and Assistant Director: Jazelle Foster

Producer: Elsa Dial and Electric Eye Ensemble

Dramaturg and Choreographer: Julia Corrigan

Sound Designer and Lead Lyricist: Joshua Langman

Lead Composer and Music Director: Emily Johnson-Erday

Set Designer: Andrew Murdock

Lighting Designer: Sophie Talmadge Silleck

Original Mask design: Leah Ogawa and Monica Lerch

Costume Designer: Jeannipher Pacheco

Pianist: Ethan Ness

Photo: Olivia Luna